Meet our speakers

  • David Blood

    Co-founder and Senior Partner of Generation Investment Management

    Previously, he spent 18 years at Goldman Sachs including serving as co-CEO and CEO of Goldman Sachs Asset Management from 1999-2003. David received a B.A. from Hamilton College and an M.B.A. from the Harvard Graduate School of Business. He is on the Board of Harvest Power, New Forests, SHINE, Social Finance UK, Social Finance US, The Nature Conservancy, Foundation 1796 and Hamilton College; the Advisory Board of Bridges Ventures and the Harvard Business School Visiting Committee.

  • Eliana Burki & iAlpinisti


    Eliana has developed her own style of music, influenced by jazz, rock, funk and Latin, and from her touring experience throughout Europe, China, India, the Middle East, and South America. Together with her band, iAlpinisti she produces the ideal musical setting for the unique sound of the Swiss alphorn.

  • Jason Clay

    Senior Vice President Market Transformation, WWF

    Senior Vice President of Market Transformation at WWF. Jason also manages the WWF Network's private sector advisory board and is the architect of WWF's private sector engagement strategy that identifies global trends and issues as well as supply chain management.

  • Yves Daccord

    Director-General, International Committee of the Red Cross

    Director-General of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), which he joined in 1992. Yves has worked in Israel and the occupied and autonomous territories, Sudan, Yemen, Chechnya and Georgia. He returned to ICRC headquarters in 1997 to take up the post of deputy head of the Division for the Promotion of International Humanitarian Law, and in 1998 he was appointed head of the Communication Division and then Director of Communication in 2002, a post he held until his appointment as Director-General in 2010. Yves was previously a journalist, and he holds a BA in political science.

  • Jonas Eliasson

    Professor at KTH, Stockholm and Director of the Centre for Transport Studies

    His research interests include transport modeling, appraisal and cost-benefit analysis, valuation of non-market goods (e.g. travel time and intrusion effects), transport policy, transport planning and road pricing. He has been heavily involved in the design, planning and evaluation of the Stockholm congestion charges, and is frequently engaged as an advisor to other cities considering congestion pricing systems. He has been responsible for the modeling and appraisal of several major Swedish infrastructure investments, and is currently chairing the committee for transport modeling and cost-benefit analysis of the National Transport Investment Plan.

  • Sarah Harper

    Professor of Gerontology, Oxford University

    Professor of Gerontology at Oxford University and Director of the Oxford Institute of Population Ageing. Sarah works on global population ageing, widespread falls in fertility and growth in extreme longevity with particular interest in the Asia–Pacific Region.

  • Patrick Haggard

    Neuroscientist, University College London, United Kingdom

    Professor of neuroscience at Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience and Department of Psychology, University College London. Patricks research group works on the relation between brain activity and conscious experience in sensorimotor systems.

  • Yaron Herman


    Israeli-born, Paris-based Yaron started out on a promising career as a basketball player on the Israeli national junior team before a serious knee injury quashed his sporting ambitions. He only decided to take up playing the piano, at the age of 16 and his unique method story and sublime improvisation will surprise you.

  • Stéphanie P. Lacour

    Bertarelli Foundation Chair in Neuroprosthetic Technology and Assistant Professor, EPFL

    Since January 2011, Stéphanie the Laboratory for Soft Bioelectronics Interfaces, and is a pioneer in designing and fabricating stretchable electronics. Named one of the “Top 35 Innovators under the age of 35” by MIT Technology Review, her awards include a Royal Society Research Fellowship, an ERC Starting Grant and the 2011 Zonta Award for her research achievement as a young female academic.

  • Jamie Paik

    Assistant Professor of the Reconfigurable Robotics Laboratory

    With an artist and scientist for parents, and with a passion for sculpture herself, Jamie brings a unique view to the world of micro-engineering. She developed her flexible robotic research in Paris, and at Harvard before moving to EPFL in 2012 to set up the Reconfigurable Robotics Lab. Jamie is also a member of the Swiss National Center for Competence in Robotics Research.

  • Virginie Raisson

    Geopolitician, author of Atlas of the Future of the World

    Virginie runs Lépac, an independent research lab specialising in geopolitics, international relations, and foresight. She has a degree in history, international relations, and geopolitics. In addition to serving international organisations and relief agencies, Virginie is the author of several books. Her latest work is a foresight atlas entitled “2033 Atlas des Futurs du Monde” published in November 2010 by Robert Laffont.

  • Andreas Raptopoulos

    Founder and CEO of Matternet

    Andreas Raptopoulos is a designer, inventor and entrepreneur. He is the founder and CEO of Matternet, launching a new paradigm for transportation using a network of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. Andreas believes in technology as a force for immensely positive, widespread change.

  • Dwayne Spradlin

    CEO Innocentive

    Dwayne Spradlin is the President & CEO of InnoCentive, a company that helps other companies innovate through the use of open innovation. Dwayne is co-author of the The Open Innovation Marketplace, published in 2011 by FT Press. Dwayne holds a bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics as well as an MBA from the University of Chicago.

  • Nadja Stoller

    Singer & Songwriter

    If you've ever sat in a handmade wicker chair and watched the sun go down, you know how Nadja Stoller's new album "Alchemy" sounds. A few pieces of straw may poke the skin on your back, but there is nowhere else you would rather sit. "Alchemy" will enchant all who leave their mark on furniture. For everyone else, there is Ikea.

  • Martin Vetterli

    President of the Swiss National Science Foundation

    Martin is the newly elected President of the Swiss National Science Foundation, steering the direction and priorities of Swiss scientific research. His ten years in the USA, at Columbia and Berkeley, coupled with his extensive teaching experience, give him a unique perspective on the revolution of open on-line courses spreading from across the Atlantic. Current research is focused on audiovisual communications and he occasionally finds time to spin off a start-up or two and to indulge in his passion for the guitar.

  • Jean-Christophe Victor

    Political Scientist, Author and TV Presenter

    Jean Christophe Victor is a political scientist, author, and presenter of ‘Le Dessous des Cartes’ on Arte/TV5Monde. His father was France’s best known polar explorer Paul-Emile Victor. JC Victor was posted as a diplomat in Afghanistan, worked as policy advisor for Nato-Bruxelles and the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and is now founder and Scientific Director of the Center for Political Studies and Cartographic Analysis (LEPAC), a Paris based “think tank”. He has published several books on international relations and geopolitics, and at TedxHelvetia will be sharing his fascinating take on ancient and modern civilizations, as well as revealing the possible fate of our own society.